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Black Cat Fireworks is part of Li & Fung Limited, a Hong Kong listed multinational with over 100 years of supply chain expertise. As the world leader in the design, development and sourcing of consumer goods, Li & Fung covers all aspects of the supply chain from product design and production management to quality control.

Brothers is one of the most popular brands in the international fireworks marketplace. We are renowned for high quality, safety and good performance. We work at improving these in our Fireworks Institute, where we also invent new colors, effects and packaging. We develop numerous new items each year, bringing them to market as Brothers brand, exclusives and private labels.

All our products are under strict quality control and are monitored by our local offices' testing teams. Other than the above brands that customers can choose from, we also have in house design department that enables our clients to create their own dream exclusive brand and products. From the special effect, packaging, custom made assortments etc, we can customize the product to fit your local area's demand.

Winda Fireworks are committed to quality, service, and continuous innovation in the consumer market. We offer a private labeling service along with assistance in creating the perfect label. We have five large-scale, factories that produce the best fireworks on the market. We pride ourselves on our longstanding business relationships with more than 100 factories spread throughout China

Below are a few examples of some of the top tier fireworks we sell at
CEDAR POINT FIREWORKS. We always are looking for the best and most innovative products we can find. Our inventory does change year to year because of our research. You can trust that when you come to
CEDAR POINT FIREWORKS you're looking at products that have been vetted and approved by a team of experts.

Black Cat 5" Canister


BP2858 Front Row Seat 73 shots

PARTY BUS 42'S P5555


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